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costa rica



There is so much protected land & biodiversity in Costa Rica. Hike, swim, and explore the incredibly unique spots on my map above!


when: all year round

There are two distinct seasons being dry December-April and rainy from May-November. Both of my trips through were in the transition weeks once at the beginning of May and another the end of November. You may experience the climate change shift of seasons and more extreme conditions depending on when you visit. Dry season is best for accessible hiking. For photographers especially, the forests will be lush & green, and the waterfalls full in rainy season.


getting around:

San Jose Interntional (SJO) & Liberia International (LIR) are the two main airports. There are public buses and taxis in San Jose for travel in the city. There is an extensive system of buses spanning border to border allowing for budget-friendy travel without paying for a personal car or private bus. Renting a car (from the airport) is also an option.



duration: 1-4 weeks

CR is a popular holiday destination and has many resorts for the lux vacationers. Something you can experience as a family vacation or for a week long honeymoon. For the backpackers, with some savvy navigation & planning you can cross by land border to border within 2-3 weeks while comfortable catching 6+ destinations. 



currency and cost: Costa Rican Colón (CRC) or US Dollar (USD)


save - travel by land on public buses & stay in a number of high-quality hostels

splurge - find a private Airbnb or have a lux resort experience & utilize your accommodation's tour packages



electrical outlets: 120V, 60Hz (Types A & B)

You will find a flat two-prong outlet, the same as in the US, Canada, Mexico, China, & Japan.

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