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malay peninsula

1      langkawi   island hop, beach

2      penang   street art, beach, temples

3      cameron highlands   tea farms, hiking

4      kuala lumpur   capital, skyscrapers & airport

5      malacca   colonial town

6      kuala tahan   mountain getaway



when: all year round

Weather and climate will vary by state and coast. In general, there is no rainy season and you can expect it to be in the high 20's (celsius) year round. Expect it to cool off in the mountains, especially in the evenings.



getting around:

Fly into the south at KUL (Kuala Lumpur International) or the north at LGK (Langkawi International). You can bus between the south border with Singapore or bus/ferry from the northern border with Thailand. Long-distance buses are able to be booked online and tickets do not need to be printed. Hard copy tickets are arrival upon departure at the ticket office or in some cases just show the driver your email confirmation. In KL you can purchase a tap on/off transit card (Touch 'n Go or KL TravelPass for 48 hours unlimited) or buy tickets per trip.



duration: 2-4 weeks

With 4-6 stops at 1-4 nights each you can comfortably explore the top spots without feeling rushed or that you've been living on buses for a month. 



currency and cost: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)


save - hostels, buses, street food - oh my!

splurge - stay at a luxury hotel in KL for a sweet skyline at night, and fly into the islands or take a speed ferry



electrical outlets: 230V, 50Hz (Type G)

Malaysia uses a three-prong outlet, most notably seen in the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong.


I was overwhelmed by the frequency and depth of the male gaze, specifically in Kuala Lumpur. After leaving the city, this issue never came up again in the rest of the country. I felt safe, but I simply did not feel comfortable in KL.

Toilets are squat style and most public restrooms incur a cash/coin fee. Bring your own toilet paper.

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